What is “Concierge Portraiture?”

This is the first question to be answered.  Let’s break it down.

First, we like to approach this similar to a shopping concierge or a concierge doctor.  There’s an extra step taken to know the client long before the first time the aperture opens.  The emphasis is on telling the story of the subject, be it a person, couple, group or setting.  And as the relationship evolves, so does the story and with that the images captured are more personal and deeper than just standing in front of a camera and smiling for the flash.

Add to that the portrait itself.  It tells as much of the story as the subject.   Whether it is in a calm studio where everything can be controlled to the finest detail, or out on a tennis court or on a dock at sunset.  We will work with you to find the perfect place, and time to capture exactly what you are trying to say.

So… Concierge Portraiture is putting all the elements together to create a piece of artwork that tells your story, enhances your home and touches your heart anew each time you see it.


Let Us Help You Plan Your Photo Session

Our portraits create a visual description of who you are and what you like to do in a storytelling fashion.
From a surgeon in scrubs to an athlete in workout attire to the chef in the kitchen, your portrait displays and shares your passion with the world.

Start by closing your eyes and imagining the perfect portrait... where are you? who is included? How do you want to feel when you look at the portrait on the wall? How do you want others to feel?

Being photographers in New England, we have many advantages.

                First: seasons; we have four of them!  That means you can go to the beach in the summer, hit the slopes in the winter, go into a field of springtime flowers, and have the beautiful changing colors of the fall as potential settings.

                Second: locations; even without leaving Rhode Island, we can get to a beach, a castle, a mall, an ice rink, parks, a zoo, yacht clubs, forests and farmland, and none of these are more than 45 minutes apart!  Willing to travel a little farther?  The White Mountains are on a few hours drive away!

                Third: community; there is a thriving art community, so if you want to do something extraordinary, we can find you an artist to help with that.


As a professional photographer, I get questions about where to go, what to where and how to prepare.  I will address some of these here, and these are also reviewed in detail with clients when we start planning the shoot.

Where should we have our portraits created?

This is actually the hardest question to answer… before a consult.  But if you are looking for ideas before calling and setting up, ask yourself a few questions:

                Where am I most comfortable?

                Where do I truly enjoy having fun?

                What places are truly special to me?

From these and other questions, it becomes much easier to start narrowing down places.

What should I wear?

This is actually the easiest and also the second hardest question.  Here’s what I just about always suggest:

                Find your three absolute favorite outfits.  Then add the clothes for your favorite activity.  Then find the thing that nobody knows is in your closet (a guilty pleasure, if you will).  Now add in one more pair of pants (or skirt, dress, shorts, etc.) and one more top.  Finally accessorize.  Sound like a lot?  It is.  And you need it all… because from there we can mix and match and find what you’re looking for.  Often an extra set of eyes helps, so ask a friend to help, both at home, and on the shoot! 

What type of clothing is best for family or children's portraits? 
First, decide if you want a formal or casual look. Suit and ties can work but so does a casual Friday look with comfy jeans. The questions you have to answer:

                Which best suits you, your child or your family?

                Where is this portrait going to be displayed?

                Where do you want to take the picture?

It might sound like fun to take a picture in formal wear on top of a mountain, but do you want to climb up there in it?  (Just to note, it’s depends on the mountain.)  Generally speaking, anything that looks a little constricting or a little loose in the mirror, will look much more pronounced in a photograph (before Photoshop, of course).

Formal can be as a traditional as grouping in your living room, or barefoot in a tux and evening gown on the beach.  Wearing riding clothes with the beautiful horse you love will grace the foyer with tranquility and strength; while the entire family in jeans and t-shirts on the deck can portray the casual lifestyle you really live.

Most importantly, everyone should feel comfortable and be themselves.  If you’re losing sleep over it, then it won’t be fun.

Have a question that isn’t answered here?  Contact us!